What is RampOff?

RampOff is an alternative option for you to help your family member, friend or acquaintance without law enforcement involvement; to guide them towards long-term support services in your community. We carefully listen to your concerns, help you assess the situation and come up with your own plan of action. We have a network of service providers, resources to share and staff who can support you.

How We Can Help

1. Listen

Tell us your story.  We are here to listen and provide support in a nonjudgmental way.  RampOff follows strict confidentiality and privacy rules and does not share information with outside sources.

2. Understand

We engage with you to fully understand your situation and potential risks to help you in the best way possible.

3. Plan

We connect you to community and professional resources, develop an action plan and share helpful tips you can use now.

4. Support

We guide you to a manageable and safe place and remain available to support you as long as needed.